Medical Powers That Be pulling the wool over our eyes re: Can the flu shot make you sick?

Kvetch and Whine

Just got my flu shot today, and I IMMEDIATELY felt pain from the injection site down my arm.  Over the next few hours, the pain became so intense, I had to take 600 mg of ibuprofen to quell it, and thankfully, it got rid of most of the pain.  Unfortunately, during that time, I also come down with a headache, congested nose and sore throat.  Yes, the flu shot CAN make you sick, I don’t care what the CDC or drug companies say.  The CDC has largely discredited itself during the Ebola debacle, and drug companies are out to make $$; they are not interested in whether some people – and it’s too many at this point – are actually getting sick from their vaccines.

I have been reading many people’s comments on the Internet about their experiences after having gotten the 2013 and 2014 flu shots, and it’s been…

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