Ray Rice Should Be in Jail, and Janay Rice Needs Her Head Shrunken

   Am I missing something here?  OK, understand the guy has millions, but is it worth prostituting yourself for, and putting yourself (and your children) in harm’s way for all that money?  Hey, Janay: go out and either get your own job, or train to do something worthwhile so you can.  A woman should NEVER be so vulnerable so as not to be able to make a living to support herself (and her children if she’s got ’em).  She may think she’s Miss Rich Lady, but if she stays with this poor excuse for a human being, she’ll soon be Miss Dead Lady.  And you can’t spend those millions from the grave, dear.

And what’s wrong w/our twisted society, that a turd like Ray Rice isn’t in the lockup for knocking his then fiancee unconscious? So effing what that he’s a football player!  Any average guy would already be in jail – unless he had an idiot wife like Janay defending him.  Geez: they both deserve to be smacked, and I’m not sure which one deserves it more!!!


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