Outrageous scores in ladies’ Olympic figure skating finals at Sochi

When did the beautiful, graceful sport of figure skating – historically, ballet on ice – become acrobatics on ice?  Commentator Scott Hamilton commented on the fact that Adelina Sotnikova, the gold medalist, used the fairly new rating system to her advantage, by excuting umpteen triple jumps successfully throughout her program.  But compared to skaters like Yun Ah Kim, Julia Lipnitskaya, Carolina Kostner and Gracie Gold, she was an ungraceful cow!  Under no circumstances should a medal be awarded to anyone, I don’t care how many triple jumps he or she lands, who isn’t graceful and beautiful in execution.  It’s a complete travesty.  Because graceless jumping machines get preference over those who want to make their skating beautiful, I don’t even like watching anymore.  If I want to watch jumping and twisting in the air, I’ll watch gymnastics.


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