Martin Bashir was a victim of reverse political correctness

Just have to say that Martin Bashir was absolutely right about Sarah Palin: she’s a know-nothing dunce, and the Teabaggers don’t have the sense to see that by aligning themselves with her, they makes themselves look dumber than they are (if that’s possible).  I agree with various opinions I’ve read online that MSNBC has really missed the mark this time.  They’re supposed to be the FOX antidote, and by firing Mr. Bashir, they’ve played right into their hands.  It’s disgusting.  The network should have stood behind Mr. Bashir, proudly proclaiming, “He was right; and if you don’t like it, tough!”  That’s what those dunces over at FOX do.  I supposed TPTB over at MSNBC just didn’t want to lower themselves to FOX’s level.


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