Designer bags should be for all

I see that NY Councilwoman Margaret Chin wants to make it illegal to buy those knockoff designer handbags sold clandestinely in Chinatown.  I think it’s deplorable and inexcusable that in most (or perhaps all) cases, these bags are manufactured in China in factories where workers, sometimes children, are paid as low an amount as $60. a year to make them, probably in deplorable conditions.  Having said that. I think it’s discrimination by the haves of the have-nots to thusly prevent the average woman from being able to buy the closest most will ever get to a designer handbag.  When designers price their handbags so at least most of us can afford them, I, too, will stop buying knockoffs.  But most are so without the realm of reality pricewise, I just don’t think the designers DESERVE their missing profits!!! Why does an Hermes bag need to cost $15,000.?  It’s obscene.


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