Seth MacFarlane is NOT funny…

Anyone who thinks Seth MacFarlane’s homophobic, xenophobic, anti-women and anti-Semitic so-called “jokes” were funny last night on the 85th Oscars show/presentation should watch really funny   comedians/people to see what real humor is, like Henny Youngman, Myron Cohen, the Marx Bros., old and new TV shows with good writing, like All In The Family and Big Bang Theory.  MacFarlane is a no-talent jerk, who should not be paid a dime for his lack of talent.  The biggest problem I have with his tasteless jokes are they feed into narrow-minded bigoted people’s beliefs.  I mean, there are really people who believe Hollywood is controlled by Jews; hell, there are people who believe there is a secret Jewish plot to control the world (maybe if there were, the world would be a better place…just joking!).  Many people understand that he was just “joking;” I knew (or rather hoped) he was joking, but was still offended by his humor.  It’s not a question of “political correctness;” it’s a question of respect.  There are clever ways to be funny without making jokes at people’s expense..  If one can’t be funny in a truly clever but respectful way, get off the stage and make room for really talented comedians who can.

By the way: anyone who thinks it’s easy to learn a foreign language well enough to work in it like Penelope Cruz or Salma Hayek outta try and do it, and see if you can speak so that the native speakers of that language think you are intelligible in their language and won’t laugh at your pronunciation.  I say, kudos to these women for doing just that.

You wanna complain about people sounding abominable in another language: listen to Mayor Bloomberg trying to speak Spanish; it’s pure torture!  Make it stop!!!


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