Fifty Shades of Grey is lotsa hype and no big deal

For the life of me, I cannot understand why people are so freaked about about the kinky f**kery in 50SoG.  I’ve read MUCH racier stuff in historical romance (my literary “genre” of preference; thanks, Ma!).  I guess they’ve never read those fabulous bodice rippers whose covers the beloved Fabio used to grace (remember him?).  Don’t let the negative hype prevent you from reading a good love story.  Yes, it’s extremely poorly written, but bottom line: I enjoyed reading the books.  Isn’t that the main idea here?  I mean, whom are we trying to impress with our literary choices?  I say, impress yourself, and that means, choose books you enjoy to read for entertainment.  There’s time enough to be wading through complex writing, analyzing for symbolism, irony and the like.  Everyone needs a good mental rest, and this is a darn good way to get one.

The thing I REALLY object to in E.L James’ books (yes, in addition to the terrible, repetitive writing) is the obvious lack of editing.  There are so many instances of the characters using British expressions, I was not able to accept the characters and plot as really being American.  At times, bumping into these expressions was quite jarring.  Would it have been so difficult, Ms. James, to employ a native American English speaker to edit your writing for authenticity?  I’ll be glad to do it should you (or anyone else) need such help in future!